Frequently Asked

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When are UFC’s operating hours?

UFC’s office is open Monday through Thursday, 9am to 6pm (PST). On Friday, we are open 9am to 5pm.


What types of documentation may I be asked to provide?

You may be asked to provide the following documentation: A valid I.D., proof of monthly income, proof of insurance, proof of residency & personal references.

Does UFC offer loans to people with poor credit?

Yes, as a sub-prime lender, we offer loans for people with bad credit and no credit with an opportunity to increase your credit score. Our objective is to help you succeed by offering a competitive interest rate, a monthly payment, and loan term that you can pay off completely and on time.

Does UFC offer vehicle service contracts or total loss protection?

Yes, we offer Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP) for our customers.

If I am self-employed will UFC approve my loan?

Yes, UFC does finance self-employed borrowers, but in addition to employment there are other factors for a loan to get approved.


Can I receive my monthly statements electronically?

Yes! We now offer electronic statements via email. If you want to opt-in, please download this document and mail to: Universal Financial Company, PO Box 2264, Baldwin Park, CA 91706.

Is there a grace period for my loan payment?

There is no grace period. The loan payment is due on the due date shown on the front of your contract. A 5% late fee will be charged if payment is not received in full within 10 days after it is due.

Is it okay to make my payment early?

Yes, our loans are simple interest loans. You may do so with no penalty.

Do I make my payments to UFC or to the dealer?

After the financing deal has been completed, you make payments directly to UFC.

I was in an accident or my vehicle was impounded. What do I do?

Please contact our office immediately! We are here to help you! Our office phone number is 626-285-6958. Please ask for Neydine.

Where do I mail my payment?

Customers can mail their checks to: PO Box 2264, Baldwin Park, CA 91706. (Please do not send cash!)

I am buying new insurance for my vehicle, what coverage do I need?

You must have Liability Insurance (minimum 15/30/5) in order for DMV to register your car (source). It’s the law. You must also have Comp/Collision coverage with Universal Financial Company listed as loss payee to comply with your contract. Any insurance agent should be able to offer you help.

Account Information

How can I change my contact phone number or mailing address?

You may change your personal account information by filling out this form and mailing it to: PO Box 2264, Baldwin Park, CA 91706.

How can I get a copy of my statement?

You may request a copy of your statement at any time by speaking to a customer service representative at 626-285-6958. You may also send a written request to support@universalfinancialcompany.com. Please allow 1-3 business days for processing.

I am buying new insurance for my vehicle, what coverage do I need?

You will need Comprehensive and Collision coverage, with deductibles not exceeding $1,000, and Universal Financial Company listed as the Loss Payee.


Is Universal Financial Company hiring?

Yes! Universal Financial Company is always looking for passionate and driven individuals. Please email jobs@universalfinancialcompany.com for more information.